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Established in 2003, Coyne Family Farm is a small, three-generation farm located in Washington County. It all started when our oldest, Emily, started raising market lambs in the local 4-H. As a family, we began to show beef cattle, market hogs, lambs, and goats in 4-H and FFA. Michael, manages the farm, switching the focus from show animals to raising high-quality beef, pork, and chicken. We select quality cattle and maintain foundational breeding beef stock. We raise primarily shorthorn beef, known for its superior marbling and taste. We purchase feeder pigs from a local farmer, whose breeding program is sound and produces quality pork products.

Our farm is always open for visitors, to come and see the daily operations of the farm. Our animals are treated ethically and kept in clean facilities with an ample supply of fresh water and hay. All our livestock is fed quality grain rations that have been researched and provide the highest carcass yield and quality. We are proud to provide a stress-free, clean environment for our livestock and premium high-quality products for our customers!

-Michael, Karen, Emily, Maggie, and Michael IV


Free Range Medication Free Hormone Free

“I purchased beef and pork from Michael. We also got eggs and they were awesome. Very high-quality product at a good price. His customer service is excellent, Michael is a pleasant joy to work with and a refreshing example of how to treat your customers. I will never buy beef, pork, chicken, or eggs from anywhere else unless circumstances prevent me from getting it from Michael. I very highly recommend doing business with The Coyne Family Farms for quality meat products.”

-Drew B.




From Our Farm To Your Table


“Juicey, tender, and has the perfect flavor!”


“Having been a customer of Coyne Family Farm for over 10 years, that alone is a testament to the expectational product and service they provide. We have been feeding our family Coyne quality meats and trust in their responsible farming practices, we will never go back to store-bought meats as long as Michael’s products are available.”


McDonald, PA

“We have purchased beef, pork, and poultry from them and the quality has always been there. The meals we prepare with their products are always a fan favorite.”

Joshua Egal
Owner of Four Twelve Project

The first time I bought meat from Michael, I got half a pig, as a "test run." It was an absolute game changer! Every year, I purchase half a cow, a whole pig, and countless amounts of chicken to fill our freezer and feed our family. The meat is unlike anything I have ever tasted!  It is always juicy and tender and has a perfect flavor. It just tastes perfect. Every time.


I finally got to see the farm and visit the animals this year, and now I understand why his meat is the way it is!  Those animals are living an absolutely care-free life; their stalls were pristine and organized. 

If you have any doubts at all about it, I suggest taking some of his meat for a "test run." I can assure you that you won't regret it. 

Brittany K.


155 Atlas Cherry Valley Rd Burgettstown, PA 15021

Michael 724-344-7992

Emily 724-884-6117

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