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Coyne Family Farm Rewards Program

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Earn Coins, Get Rewards!

Welcome to the Coyne Family Farm rewards program! For every online order you place you will earn Coyne's Coins. $1.00 equals 3 Coins and these Coins can be redeemed for different rewards towards a future online purchase. This is an additional way for us to say thank you for ordering from us and we'll be adding more rewards in the future!

01. Become A Member

Create your account to start enjoying the rewards program and receive your first 500 Coins!

02. Earn Coins

Sign Up: Receive 500 Coins for creating your account

Purchase A Product: Receive 3 Coins for every $1 spent online

03. Redeem Online Rewards

$10 Off: 1000 Coins = $10 off your order

$15 Off: 1500 Coins = $15 off your order

$20 Off: 2000 Coins = $20 off your order

$25 Off: 2500 Coins = $25 off your order

*Earning Coins is currently only available for online purchases. We are working on a way for in-person orders to receive Coins.

Start Earning Your Coins Today!

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