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Three Generations -
Family Owned & Operated
Since 2003.

Coyne Family Farm was established in 2003. It started with Emily, our oldest, raising market lambs in the local 4-H. As a family, we began to show beef cattle, market hogs, market lambs, and market goats in 4-H and Future Farmers of America (FFA). We showed at local, state, and national competitions. All three Coyne children earned the highest award in FFA, The American Degree, which is earned by less than 1% of FFA members.

Michael manages the farm and switched the focus from show animals to raising high-quality beef, pork, and chicken. He raises over 20 head of market steers; thousands of chickens and 20 market hogs a year to sell locally. Recently, Emily started attending local farmers markets, bringing quality beef, chicken, and pork to the suburbs.

We select quality cattle and maintain foundational breeding beef stock. We raise primarily shorthorn beef, known for its superior marbling and taste. We purchase feeder pigs from a local farmer, whose breeding program is sound and produces quality pork products. All our beef and pork products are processed at Whitings in New Wilmington. Michael works closely with the butcher to provide the perfect cut and products for our clients. Our meat poultry is raised stress-free from 2 days to 6 weeks of age and processed by USDA Pleasant Valley Poultry in Sugar Creek.  

Our animals are treated ethically and kept in clean facilities with an ample supply of fresh water and hay.  Our livestock is fed quality grain rations that have been researched and provide the highest carcass yield and quality. We provide a stress-free, clean environment for our livestock.  


The Coyne Family Farm is a small three-generation farm located in Washington County, welcoming Maverick (Emily and Matt) and Lila (Maggie and Tyler) to the family. Michael works off the farm as the owner of Michael's Hairloft​ in Moon Twp, and Karen is a nursing instructor for UPMC, and recently earned her Doctorate in Nursing. Emily remains active on the farm, assisting with the farm operations and marketing. Maggie is a registered nurse at Magee. Michael IV lives on the farm, helping with making hay and operating machinery.

Thanks For Supporting Our Farm and Family!


“We have purchased beef, pork, and poultry from them and the quality has always been there. The meals we prepare with their products are always a fan favorite.”

Joshua Egal
Owner of Four Twelve Project

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